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The HOLOVERSITY offers you the possibility to learn to the best of your knowledge. HOLOVERSITY relies on your wisdom, that if you wish to be taken seriously by others, you must take yourself seriously. In the HOLOVERSITY, you can LEARN BY TEACHING. The quality of your (self)education, is based on the quality that you offer others. Welcome to the Holoversity, the world-laboratory for top level learning, for bringing out the best of you, yourself.

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Giving Credits & Accreditation

Give Credit where credit is due. Universities often have to go through all kinds of rigmaroles to get - what is known as - "accreditation". It means that someone else says that you are gooood. It is the way a parent paternalises or kids a child. The Holoversity prefers an adult way of treating one another. Accreditation is based on others seeing that what you do transcends your selfish needs. The degree of unselfishnes of what you do relates to the extent that others can benefit from it. Your generosity - doing what you do best also for the betterment of others - when perceived by others will incur their appreciation. Likewise, when you see the added value of what others do: give them thanks and credit.
Your giving others credit, is the basis of Holoversity accreditation.
The work (in progress) that you find on this weblog is a gift of one person to all others. Often, those who do the work do not obtain direct benefit from what they do. Often, they have an insight, which they wish to test, 'just to see it can be done'. The work that you see here is a forge of human creation.
  • PLEASE ALSO HELP RESOLVE MISTAKES AND ERRORS. (And do this in a manner as you would prefer that this would be done to you!)
make the connection
your involvement may be the vital link that empowers what you see here for the betterment of all that is.
Often, the people who do the job that you see here, do not know where it can best be applied.
Your help will help them to put their work to best use; and thereby advance (human) life.
Please contribute to this work, by adding your talents to help bring out those of others. If you see mistakes in any of the contributions, please point them out. Appreciate that the Holoversity has no interest in differences of Opinion. From the start we can agree that we will disagree always: we all, each, experience the universe from our own unique perspective. No one can stand where you stand; nor can you stand in the place of another. We are always in our own place, thus have our own perspective. Sometimes your clarifying yopur view and perspective may involve more creative work than foreseen. If you find that your new insights are worthwhile, you might consider to enter into the PhD factory and upload them.


YOU are welcome to give your reactions to this BLOG-site. OFFER YOUR COMMENTS IN THIS SECTION The other sections are for work in progress. Regard them as the Laboratories, or the 'Classrooms'.

  • Please respect the quiet/work in progress in the 'classrooms'.
  • Here you can comment on the work done there.

Here you can also offersuggestions for this project, and offer links to projects elsewhere.



Welcome to the Holoversity

The following is the premiss for this forum.
Learning is a personal issue. No one can learn for you. Whatever you learn, is your learning. You cannot fake it, you cannot break it. What you know, you know.
The Holoversity is set up for top quality education. Your best.
It operates by 4 modes of learning:
  1. 'baby': someone else tells you what - they deem - you should know, and you take it in.
  2. 'child': together with others, by trial and error, you learn, while others gauge your progress.
  3. 'adolescent': you decide what you learn, and come to agree with others when you know it well.
  4. 'adult': you share your knowing with others, aware of the sequences of consequences.
This is the place where you can share your knowing. Others can comment, annotate, complement and comliment, correct or disprove, and so on. In short, this is a meeting place, a market place, a Forum, where you can speak your mind and learn, to the best of your knowledge. For in life, your life, only you benefit most from the quality of our own knowledge and understanding. In sharing it with others, you can bring out more than you know, of what you know.
Welcome to the Holoversity.
Regard it as a temple, a scared space for learning.
A place dedicated to learning, for humanity, thus you.
One rule prevails:

HOW TO ... Create your Cd.C.

In submitting your Thesis, you can enter ONE post only. Only ONE post is needed. You can elaborate it, add to it, expand it, revise is as much and as long as you like. You can take your time. You can make use of the comments on the Blog list. Enter your text, edit and re-edit untill you are done. At the top, label the levels of completion:

  3. DRAFT
  4. FINAL
Enjoy your creation. Know that while you work, the world can see what you are doing. Humanity can comment: each viewer will do that based on their own unique perspective. The aim of the Holoversity is that we can integrate all those perspectives, not by uniting them but by synergising them: each individual keeps their own perspective, and can incorporate the views of others in order to bring out their own view better. The same process is seen in the Thesis. Present you own vision. Reflect on the views of others. Revise your thesis untill it is completed. The reviews from the blog readers will help you seen when what you present has value for others by the credits that you get for your writings.

The 'PhD Factory' - set your own standards

Anyone who wishes to establish their own quality in research by writing a PhD can do so, right here. The Holoversity title is a Cr.D. A PhD, doctorate in Philosophy, is a title bestowed on people who have demonstrated professionalism, responsibility, reliability and human sense in doing academic research. There is a drawback to the way this is traditionally done: someone else needs to evaluate and gauge your performance. In practice this means that your work may be limited by the limitations of those who are meant to help you accomplish your goal: doing research that brings our collective knowledge an important step further. The only way out of that trap is to have the help and support of those others, without their limitations. The 'PhD factory' offers just that:

  • YOU determine what work you do.
  • YOU determine when it is finished.
  • YOU determine who then gives you feedback.
However ... In order to be worthwhile to others, others must see the relevance of what you do. Else it is just - excusez le mot - a form of masturbation. It is up to you for whom you present your final work/project. But it is not up to you to determine that you have become doctor... A doctorate is a 'protected' title, for the simple reason that it ensures that you have mastered at least two important skills. One is the skill of mastering the topic that you have chosen. This is your Personal skill. The other is Professionalism: your ability for unselfish action. This is your Professional skill. Two other skills are needed in order to do so: learning, and teaching. Learning is your ability to internalise and integrate whatever insights has already become available to/for/by humans. Teaching is the ability to communicate and share it with others, for the betterment of al who are involved. Therefore, doing the PhD research (learning) and presenting your findings in writing to others (teaching) is but half of the work. The other half is that you realise that what you do is for the betterment of humanity as a whole. And that people recognise your work and respect you for it. therefore, it is always others who will grant you the honours of a doctorate in philosophy, as recognition that you have recognised, and realised, the role that you can play for others. It is, so to say, their recognition of your expression of the philosophy of life, and being human. However, because you are presumably the only person who really masters the topic that you study (otherwise it would not be an innovation, and thus not merit the degree of Doctor), you are probably also the only one who can find those who can understand you, and the significance of your work to the universe and all life forms. For that reason, it is up to you to choose who you select for your committee for doctorate's. However - you may be surprised how many people have been conditioned by others to be less than sincere - THE HOLOVERSITY REQUIRES THAT YOU SELECT YOUR COMMITTEE FOR DOCTORATION BY THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:
  1. you can present your Thesis to four mayor news papers of four major nations; one of which must be the country you live in, one can be a neighboring nation, and two need be in different language domains. The publication in the papers, and the responses by readers to the publication, will count as proof for doctoration.
  2. you can present your Thesis to the Government of your nation, and three Universities of your choice; these may be in different nations. The presentation to the government may be in paper; those to the universities as a personal presentation, in book presentation, and/or public lecture, open to the public. Audio/video recordings, witnessed by participants on record, will count as proof for doctoration.
  3. You can present your Thesis to mayor corporations, organisations, foundations, or public bodies - in in each category - of national importance. Audio/video recordings, witnessed by participants on record, will count as proof for doctoration.
  4. You can present your Thesis to the general public, via Internet, Multi-Media, Publication and Broadcast - one in each category - of at least regional capital importance. Audio/video recordings, witnessed by participants on record, will count as proof for doctoration.
In a broad general sense, you can consider that your Holoversity PhD is your stepping into humanity, expressing your personal talents and uniqueness, and contribution for the betterment of humanity, and the universe as a whole.
You can then publish your Thesis on the Holoversity Website.
Publication on the Holoversity Website is your proof for doctoration: YOUR PUBLICATION WILL CONSIST OF:
  1. Your thesis, complete with demonstration of its uniqueness
  2. A full description of your selected 'Doctoral Committee' (type 1-4)
  3. The records of your presentations
  4. The records of the evaluation/feedback of your Doctoral Committees

If readers of the Holoversity Website, or others, find that the material that you presented is flawed or not your own, your work will be removed from this webs site, and it will no longer stand on record as a Holoversity CrD.

CrD, stands for a Doctor in Creation both in the transcending-understanding and healing sense.

If you can agree to these terms then you are welcome to enroll in the Holoversity PhD Factory project.

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